L’elenco dei codici di errore Lavastoviglie Whirlpool (Lampeggio)

L’elenco completo (in inglese) dei codici di errore è il seguente:
Whirlpool Dishwasher Error codes.

F0. 10 flashes. Sensor Break (Only shown in test programme. Not visible to customer).F1. Single flash. NTC Break. NTC open circuit/short circuit or ambient temperature less than 3 Celcius

F2. 2 Flashes. Water leakage. Floater switch LS6 in drip tray has switched.

F3. 3 Flashes. Heating system defect. Heater or relay on control board defect. Chack also cabling.

F4. 4 Flashes. Draining failure. Drain pump, control board OWI or water indicator defect.

F5. 5 Flashes. Sprayarm Blocked (not present on VBL version. On 1 digit display will show as F and flashing start led).

F6. 6 Flashes. Water valve (WV1) is switched on but flow meter (FM) senses no impulses (less than 10 impulses in 10 secs) and the water indicator (WI) is at a low level
Water Valve Closed. Water inlet hose blocked.
Water inlet valve (WV1) defective. Flow meter (FM) defective (leads to FM failure)

F7. 7 Flashes. Flow meter failure. Flow meter defect. Water inlet valve defect or water inlet hose blocked.

F8. 8 Flashes. Water level failure. Sieve strongly dirty or big amount of foam inside to less water.

F9. 9 Flashes. Continuously Water Inlet. Water inlet valve mechanically not closed or control board defect.

FA. 11 Flashes. OWI failure. Dirty OWI lens. OWI defect or control board defect. Check cabling.

FB. 12 Flashes. Motorised Diverter Valve

FC. 13 Flashes. Water Hardness Sensor Failure


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